When should I start my descent?

So when I’m flying, when should I start my descend and what should my VS be? (making sure my passengers have a comfortable ride ;-).

  1. Like how many nautical miles should I be from the airport before I start descend?
  2. And what should my VS be that is appropriate and not too steep and that will get me to the right FL for final? Thanks guys

P.s I know how to use an ILS (localiser, glide scope) approach so don’t suggest that because that’s when I’m close to the airport. I mean when I’m further out when I should start my steady descent.


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Thanks @Lindbergh

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I usually decend at -1500 fpm when I divide my altitude by half. When cruise is at 300 knts.

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What does FPM stand for again? Mind blank 😒

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There is another way more simply to know when begin the descent…

How? That’s what I need! @Mattia_Bordoni

I just need a rough answer of when to start descend! E.g 100NM out from the airport. Someone PM me if they need to tell me the answer that way!

If you are, for example, at 18,000f and you don’t know when begin the descent you must look the Distance To Destination (nm), then if you do some calculation, [18,000 • 3] so [ALTITUDE • 3] = 54nm, so you begin your descent at 54nm to the Destination Airport, remember to choose the runway for Landing! 😉


Did you understand? @British-Airways

What is the little dot for? Between the the 3 and 18,000 @Mattia_Bordoni
Probably sounds stupid!


Why multiply by 3? @Mattia_Bordoni
If you can answer this then I’ll understand!

It’s a calculation that real pilots use! ;)

What. Only 3. Not any other number @Mattia_Bordoni

Yes 3! If you multiplicate for another number you will crash down because you descent to early

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Could you click Solved by Mattia_Bordoni? 😂👌🏻 @British-Airways

Gosh! So sorry I’ve been annoying with my stupid questions @Mattia_Bordoni! Thanks so much for your help though! I really appreciate it! I now fully understand!

You are welcome! ;) If you have some questions PM me! ;)
Happy Descent 😂👌🏻

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