When should I start my Descent?

Hi, Swiss I will send you a PM can you answer please

I for example: ALT 18.000, 18x3= 54 nm you should start to descend at 54 nm to dest. Other example 30.000, 30x3= 90nm… always mult my altitude per 3

Facepalm. Infinite Flight sets the VS automativally to 250 when You change the altitude.

I use a trick that works every time. Take your flight level, and divide it by 3. Then, if you’re in any 777, add 15. If you aren’t, add 5. This is how far you start your descent. Then, as you’re descending, adjust your VS to stay on a 3 degree glideslope. As a general idea: Don’t go over -2400, and 500 knots ground speed is approximately -2400. If you’re cruising over 500 knots, add 5-15 nm depending on how fast you are. As you descend, go cruise down to FL280. At FL280, if your airspeed is under 310, keep it. If it is over, slow to 310. At FL180, do the same thing with 290 KIAS. At 400 knots ground you should be -2100. 300 knots, -1600. Aim to be around FL180 when you hit 55 nm out. Then descend below 10k at 30 nm out.

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It really depends on how you want to descend…Want to drop like a rock or a feather? You can even start descending an hour out or 15 minutes out (not recommended). What I do is descend at a rate where I’ll perfectly arrive at the airport with just only one descent rate. For an example… I’m at FL380 and the airport is 0 MSL and 38 minutes away. I just descend -1000 VS. Simple!

ahem news flash, IF isn’t real life. Can someone else confirm this?


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News flash, I said that IF sets the VS to ±250 fpm when You fumble with the Altitude when airborne. I said that You can change that, since it’s not practical. Descent rates vary and I’d recommend to check out topics linked here.

Ahem, another news flash, it might not be, but simulators try to achieve as close to real life as possible. And I’d say that IF physics are almost 1:1.

usually I multiply my altitude by 3
EX: 37,000 * 3 = 111nm
so when I’m missing 111nm I start the descent but I can get off 140nm so I do not get too much over the airport

a detail when you start the descent with 240 kts and -2000 vs and then comes slowing down

Refer to this website! This website is a great option I, use it a lot! :) http://aerotexas.com/desplan/desplan.php

Basic Rule I use
10,000 ft - 35nm out of dest
20,000 ft - 70nm out of dest
30,000 ft - 105nm out of dest
Then anywhere in the middle can we calculated/estimated then when I cross a specific landmark or decent (10,000 ft e.g) then check up with this and if you need to adjust your decsent but usually I go for -1500 ft/m
Hope this helps

I have tried to use the simplest option (VS, it works really well)

I remebr watching that video , I was like I should challenge him to a butter competion

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If you are to high when you reach an airport, just circle the airport while descending. It is what most planes do I believe.

To make my flight easier what I do is take a real flight replay from FR24 and copy its flight path as accurately as possible. And when it comes time to descend i just check ant what altitude the real flight was at a certain point and i descent accordingly. And at the end if i did it right im at a perfect glideslope altitude. No need for leveling off or anything.

I descend 160nm out to 10,500 then at 50nm to 6000

I just do some simple math an judge If it’s realistic or not

I like to use this website
It works pretty well

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When u have 30 second till landing and u gotta dive do what u do. Well uh i crashed during final due to 7000fpm

AHEM maybe if you read the topic you would see that the rule of thumb is “no less than -2000 fpm” which, is in fact greater than -250. image

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