When should I send an 'on guard' warning to an aircraft?

If an aircraft is inbound or flying overhead, when should I send the ‘on guard’ warning?

Does the flying overhead have something to do with making a transition?


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  • If an aircraft is clearly inbound but has not contacted you.
  • If an aircraft is in your airspace and isn’t tuned to your frequency for transition clearance.

Those are the most common reasons.


DO NOT send an on guard message if they are more than 26 NM away from you. If you are approach or centre it is farther.

Theres a tutorial you can search for too.

Click Here

But Tecnam pretty much answered it for this. You can browse the tutorial section for more information too ^^


Also to add for transitions if they are above 5K feet you do not need a transition and you do not need to contact the frequency as you are high enough that your fine

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The following are the grounds to send a guard:

  1. Anyone flying above your airspace at 5000ft or below
  2. Someone who is inbound to u yet has not contacted.
    3.Someone who left your frequency without permission.
  3. Someone who started taxi on ground (in Unicom) without permission

Tower range: 24-25 miles out
Approach range: 65-67 miles out
Center range: Whole region


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