When should I report somebody?

Hello! When flying in expert/training, when should I report somebody? like if they do not go around when there is a plane on a runway, or should I just ignore it all?
(If you guys flap this topic for some reason, pls tell me)

The report button only works for IFATC while they are controlling and sups/mods.

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I mean FLAG, sorry for that typo

There is no way to flag or report someone as a regular pilot when they are doing something wrong

Really? Because I if you click on there plane, then go to Info, then you can see the report button

That is not functional, they removed it to prevent abuse

Yeah, try to press it. Nothing happens.

If it would work a menu with different reasons would pop up.

Ok well, ok, thanks for info, have a good rest of you morning/day/night! (Can be closed)