When should I get Live+

Since I finally have enough to buy Live+, when should I buy it?

  • now
  • after update

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You’ll get the planes for free as part of Live-+

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I just got Live+, and it’s great! I think you should get it now, I don’t know how you can wait!

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You might as well get Live+ now because I really don’t think your going to get anything extra if you get it after the update.

I got Live+ literally a week ago. I’ve been having so much fun with my new aircraft and regions. Especially the A330 and Denver. 😄


I can see his point of view, you’ll have the 787s for longer if you get it after the update.

Yeah, but you would get more flight time and experience if you got it now and just renewed it later.


Live+ is totally worth it. I would get it now.

After the update. You will have more time to enjoy the new aircraft.

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