When should I become a pilot?

You need to have indefinite right to work and live in the UK. You need to be at least 18 to apply for the future pilot program.

You will go on the shorthaul/domestic A320 series fleet after doing your fATPL since that is BA’s policy. It is pointless going on to longhaul straight after flight school since you need to learn and that involves doing lots of short flights with plenty of take-offs and landing - you wouldn’t be learning much at all sat in a cockpit twiddling your thumbs for 8 hours.

The 747 is already being retired by BA, I think the last ones are due to go around 2025.

I think BA only take pilots via their FPP scheme or direct entry from other airlines with at least 500 hours. You will not get in directly after a self-funded fATPL or CPL.


You have to start training on a Cessna. You can’t just go to the 744 straight off the bat. The pilots flying that have been in the airline for a good amount of time or have been picked. You start at the smallest in the fleet.

Becoming an airline pilot is a long process. Get all of your ratings first then build up a ton of hours and get hired by a regional.

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@anon45516261… MaxSez: See WIKI: " Pilot certification in the United States or Pilots certificate UK… Your almost there young man. Study Hard in school, heavy on math. 16 is a golden year to get started seriously. Good Luck


When you feel like it.

It’s not as long if you go to the military! If you go to the Air Force or something and after that apply for an airline pilot you’ll be captain in no time! Just at least 1 year of experience with the airline and your good to go. If you choose not to go to the military and immediately start as an Commercial Pilot after getting your license and everything you’ll be stuck for like 10 or 15 years until becoming a captain.

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Its never to late to become pilot. Do not give up your dream. If you fail, try another time again and I’m sure you will manage it.

Yes you are correct, one of my friends flew the c-130 in the Air Force for a few years and then got a job at FedEx. But when flying for the air force there is always a risk that something bad could happen. :/

I got my pilot listens at 5.

I know 13 year olds who are training for their PPL at my Flying School

Well I was actually speaking to a 757 pilot who was with the airline for 25 years. He told me that you should start ASAP and just go once a week after school or something (he did it after his work). He said that he usto spend all his money to fly and that if you put in the effort you will become one

By the time you get your wings, the sad reality is that there may be no 747s to fly.


Why not start now! I started when I was 15yrs but had an immense interest beforehand since I can remember! Study at school and get the best grades you can both in academic subjects and in practical subjects. Whichever subjects you like at school, put as much as you can into them and for the subjects you don’t like, try to keep a steady grade anywhere between an A or C is generally a good place.

After that and over the holidays you can study theory for aeronautics. Study the physics of flight, learn the different parts of an aircraft, have a go at sketching out a 172 and labelling it from memory! That’s always fun to do!

Then of course you have YouTube! Don’t just use it for looking up Vines and funny videos like lots of people, but for aviation stuff like Navigation or an explanation of physics or the different parts of an aircraft etc. You can also use it to look up different flight schools such as Embery Riddle, CTC (OAA) FTE Jerez (Flight Training Europe) BAA ( Baltic Aviation Academy) etc.

Also talk to your teachers at school about your goal! You never know who they might know in the aviation industry! I asked my principle about it and my careers teacher and I was amazed to see how many contacts they knew and how many VIP people I got to meet! You can never go wrong with having Contacts!

And as others have said, take a trial flight! Trust me it’s the best 30 minutes you’ll ever spend in your entire life!

PM me if you have any more questions! I’d be happy to help you out as I am still at high school myself in my final year!

Happy Flying!

John Gerard Killeen,
Student Pilot ~ Sligo Aeronautical Club

P.S I’m 16yrs old and have completed my first solo! Started flight training in August 2015 and took to the skies solo on the 30th of July 2016 after 9hrs 10 minutes of training!


@JGK00 What an inspirational post - well done with going solo and best of luck with your flying career :)


Thank you! @Stephen_Smith we need more of these posts on the community so I said I would do my bit! That was the advice that was given to me in that post!


Earlier the better. Kids learn faster. 12 or 13 is perfect. You can get your ppl and instrument for your 17th birthday.

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Start saving now!
E.g. begging for money from relatives, doing odd jobs, getting a job at eg KFC.
Then, once you have money you should start training ASAP.

Train as soon as you’re able to rack up some hours. After high school, look for a certified flight school, get all the licenses necessary and by the time you’re 23 you’re finally eligible to fly for an airline!

Correct me if I’m wrong.

First of all, if you want to be a Airline Pilot you need to get a pilots license. Earlier the better for Dual Flying (with an instructor), when you’re 15 you can take ground school and then when your 16 you can apply for a student pilots license which means you can fly solo. In total, you need a minimum of 40 hours of flight hours (20 Dual Flying and 20 solo), however the national average of flight hours it takes is 60-70 hours. Then when you’re 17 and pass the written exam, check ride, medical examination, and have all of the required training and hours, you should be able to get a private pilots license.

Some high schools have programs for aviation, meaning you would graduate with your private pilots license. If you’re looking for a flight school just go to your local airport or go on the airports website and call the flight school number if there is one. Prices are sometimes high depending where you go, so save up when you can!

Usually the path takes you on being a Certified Instructor for about two to three years depending on how often you fly to get the 1500 hours MINIMUM needed. This with your ratings and Airline Transport Pilot training done. In college, you can attend one of the aviation colleges or just a normal college to get a required bachelor’s degree of anything for the major airlines. If you want to be a regional pilot, they prefer an associates degree.

Thheeeeeennnn after that. you can just apply for an airline ( https://www.airlineapps.com ) you’ll have to take the airline training for the plane they put you in. (pretty sure)

I’ve heard British Airlines and other airlines have reimbursement programs for people who have financial problems. There are also many scholarships that are listed on the FAA website.

I hope this gave you more insight. :D


I also listen to funny ATC, listen to ATC in the background (on the liveatc.net app) while playing infinite flight, and watch plane vlogs!

It really helps with the basics before training, getting the gist of ATC…

I would recommend you guys check out (pilots eye and steveo)

If you’re looking for a laugh, I suggest listening to JFK Ground (aka Kennedy Steve)