When should I become a pilot?

I know bro. But sometimes they do fly to IKA so you know.

Well I don’t know about you, but I will start as soon as I graduate from College. (I will be doing my PPL even earlier).

+1 to what @Jompa said above. It’s unlikely you will go straight in on the 747. If you did get straight in at BA, you will most likely go straight on to the Airbus A320 fleet.

But don’t let that get you down, the short haul flying will get you loads of hours in a relatively short period of time.
Plus if you are rated on the Airbus, you may have a shot at getting on the A380 as a First Officer as your first widebody job.

Just pick up as much info as you can about aircraft, and learn about financing your career. You could save thousands of pounds if you are clever with your money.


Boeing Yoke’s are way easier to control in my opinion than a Joystick. But since BA has a fleet of the A320 family for the narrow body… you’ll be training in that.

No way I’m training Airbus

I assume if you to pilot for Ba you are british. If so i suggest joining the RAF Cadets. With them you will gain experience flying small aircraft at no extra cost to yourself. from here you can then learn properly with an instructor and then finally apply for BA. I know recently BA started recruiting pilots. they started with over 1000 and only 3 got the job. Good luck. PM me if you want more info about any of it. I live in UK and have been part of the RAF Cadets

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Its not even unlikely
Its next to impossible

More than 3 people got it and are you in the cadets it was 83/3000

I’m from IRAN. After telling that 36275226266276376273527532762726 times

There’s also a BA pilot work experience programme I did it and it was amazing. It’s hard to get but worth it. PM if you want more

My school has a branch and i am part of it yes

So you’re CCF then

sorry. still good luck with applying for BA

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12 is the youngest you can be to sit in a cockpit. I’m 12 and have started flight lessons in a C172 and a C150.

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honestly, since you’re 12, i would suggest you to start researching about the process of becoming a pilot rather than trying to find out the best age to become a pilot.


When money appears in your hands is when you start

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You don’t start flying the 747…
You start at a A320 or so, and move up. It’s much harder than you think.
You might want to read up a bit about it.


You will need to live in the UK I’m pretty sure so you can’t live where you want and the aircraft would likely be a Airbus

No time like the present.

If you can afford it…

I would get your license as soon as possible so you can start racking up the hours.