When should I become a pilot?

I want to become a pilot of BA in the future. What age should I start? Currently 12.


Depends around mid 20s would be good I guess.

I was thinking the same! But note that I’m training for the 744

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28-31 I’d say(I’m not a real pilot so I can’t be accurate)

Exactly the same story here!

Start taking flying lessons when ever you want. You’ll get your Commercial Pilot’s License at 21.

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You could start at any age. But you can get your pilot listens at the age of 17.

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747 will be gone by then


Not necessarily. The A350 is replacing the 747, and the 737 MAX is replacing the A320s.


No. Definitely not. And even if they are, I’ll train for the plane that operates LHR-IKA

You can’t just straight up train for the 747 just because you want to.

All of the pilots flying in the heavies got to fly the heavies through years of experience.

You will first have to start off by going to flying school. Keep flying and evetually, you will build up to a Commercial Pilot’s License. Then, start working for an airline. You will most likely start off with something small such as the 737. As you gain hours, you will start getting promotions as a domsetic pilot. Then you will eventually get a promotion as an international pilot.


Take a flight now if you can with a friend, then if you like it, wait till your 14, that’s when your hours start counting. Fly as much as you can afford, and then take it from there. If your going for future BA pilot, then my friend, your competing against me. Good luck.

Trust me the 747 at BA are being taken out of service between 2018 to 2020. That’s why they’ve order more 787 A350 and 777x in the future they’re all going trust me

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Also you can’t get a specific route you bid for separate ones per month you would fly a route and then fly comemricaly/staff travel to IKA

Yep. Your right. It’s a long process, but you can expect a 744 after about 6-8 years service, if you work your ass off. And roughly 8-12 if you go through the training modularly.
(That is if you train and then go straight into work, in the current times)

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Either way, I definitely need training for a Boeing. Because the side stick on the Airbus jets gives me a handache. I’m not comfortable with Airbuses

You always train for the A320 at first

Me too I want to became a Pilot and now I’m 14, but what is BA?

British Airways

Ah ok thanks! 👍🏻

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