When should ATC Close the airport to arrivals?

This is What Toronto looks like about rn but ATC said they arent taking incoming traffic. Due to its busy but it doesnt look busy to me

I landens in Toronto right now, it didn’t seemed really busy but sometimes it’s better like this, to let the controller breath

Ya but they closed the airport to arrivals (Thats what Approach said) but on approach there pong periods of silence

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they may have lots of traffic on the ground rewdy for take off and they need free runway

Why do not ask the convenient controller?

He will be the best option for explaining you the situation

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There’s loads of runways at Toronto bruh

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Not alway a single person can manage all of this runway, irl there are much more frequencies and controllers available and managing all the traffic that there was is quite a hard work

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I have a kind of an off topic question but I don’t feel it requires a separate thread. How long does each airport have ATC? I always have the misfortune of departing for an IFATC controlled airport and by the time I arrive they have left and gone to another airport. Maybe it’s just bad luck but a lot of the times I don’t even get ATC.

Minimum opening time for class Bravo is 1 hour
Minimum opening time for class Charlie and below is 30 minutes


Okay, thank you! I’m heading to CYYZ soon so I’m hoping they are still active.

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If you were local traffic (you just took off from a nearby airport) and then flew towards CYYZ ATC will deny you since that is not a proper procedure and is frowned upon. I don’t know if that’s what happen since you didn’t provide much context but that’s my best guess


That’s what I was thinking but you can see in the bottom right the flight time was almost 10 hours.

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Little tip on that one: Start your journey at a smaller airport with tower/ground and fly to each days hub. That way you’ll most likely be able to enjoy an approach controller in addition. :)

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you try!
na easy, i do ATC when there’s no time for a flight and it’s not easy at busy airports
egll is the worst!1

Idk why but I feel bad to see @BinaryChess be IFATC before me. 😔😅 (he apply after me…)

Ik it’s off topic

This thread should have ended with:

Please contact the controller any time you have a question about a specific event you’ve encountered.


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