When should a aircraft contact another freq. after takeoff?


When should ATC-Tower hand a aircraft over there just had leaved the ground and is now airborn, -over to another available frequency?
In “The perfect ATC tutorial” video it says “at the end og the departure” But is it at the airfields transition level? or in a specific aircraft-altitude? or when the plane hits the airflields last communication cirkle in the map? or???


As soon as they are established in the climb wheels up around 500 ft.


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If they are departing you can just let them go since no other instructions are given. No need to hang on to them.

@Joshua_Bayes_Green@Panduro… MaxSez: This is an Aviation Forum. The lest you could do is utilize appropriate terminology when you formulate a Topic or response; That “communications circle” & “hottie second loop” have proper names., look it up! Additionally, Towers domaine is within the inner, look it up. I refer you to; “The Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge” it’s free from faa. com…


You can get a frequency change whenever from the time u r airborne…sometimes u get it just wen r airborne…or u wont get it until they are free ( talking abt IF situations)…when u dont get a freq change just look at the traffic in his airfield and if u think he is less busy req for a freq change…there is no use of req for freq change as soon as u r aorborne bcoz u r just waisting his time of expediting another takeoff clearence

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In a perfect situation, the tower should hand you off to the relevant ‘departure / approach’ as soon as practical after departure, as long as there is no conflicting traffic within their airspace. Usually this would be anywhere from around 500 ft just as a rough time frame…

If there is conflicting traffic, they will likely hold onto you longer until it becomes no factor before handing you off.

If there is only unicom, you can switch frequencies again as soon as practical after departure as long as there is no conflicting traffic. In the real world you would however make a final call along the lines of, 'Santa Monica, Nxxxx on the upwind runway 22, 500 feet climbing, departing the area to the west, last call, Santa Monica" before switching to the relevant ‘Approach / Departure’ frequency.

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