When searching for duplicate topics.

When searching for duplicate topics, or topics similar to yours make sure you don’t search the exact name of what your topic title is going to be. Example from earlier today:

I’m not going to go to the search and put exactly “Thai airways A350-900” because there is a 90% chance you won’t find it with that exact wording. Use keywords such as “A350-900”, Thai airbus, or “Thai airways” this will help widen your search and you will have a better chance of finding a duplicate topic or not finding one. Here is the one that was related to @Embraer190’s:

it has very similar wording but different terms as you can see above.


That’s something I always do before posting…I try to use keywords as well. Other advice, while searching, use the option to search in a specific category.

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As Carson told me once, search for topics in anyway that you think someone would title it 😉


This helped:)

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Also, if you think someone already posted it, they probably did. Threads like “what is your favorite plane?” seem to pop up at least once per month.


Bruh sometimes they are totally different but some consider it as same

Because sometimes the topic title does not always have enough detail to explain what the problem is.

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