When’s the XCub coming?

I’m really exited to do some Alaskan bush flying!


When it’s ready.


Should be soon. Right after FlightSimExpo is what they said

That’s not telling me anything.😂

Yes, it does actually. It will come when it’s ready. Nothing more to be said. No one knows the release date.

There is no set date for the release for the XCub. It will come when the staff think it’s ready.

I’d say; don’t rush. It’ll come when it’s done and after it is sent in to apple. Like @Airwolf said; after FlightSimExpo is the current expected “date”.


Ok. Actually, I was looking for a time frame

The time frame is sometime after flight some expo.

Let’s put it straight forward. There are never set release dates. It’s whenever the devs are satisfied with the work. They’ve said “soon” and that’s as close as we are probably going get in terms of when it’s coming out.

Ok thank you.

This whole “no release dates thing” seems like a bad business practice IMO.

Just give them time. Let them tease us a bit and then they will release it lol

I mean, what if it’s not ready by the set date? 🤷🏼‍♂️

It is next week because they were at the expo this week so there is a big chance of it releasing then.

Please don’t speculate, it brings no real information.

I would make sure to have it ready by the set date. No what ifs.

But, what about in the highly possible hypothetical situation where something doesn’t go as planned within the development process?

Said no developer ever, and lived to tell about ;)