When reporting a ghost...

Hello IFC!

So lately there have been a lot of #support topics regarding ghosts on the expert server, which will end up turning into a PM with moderators spending their precious time having to get information from them. This can take a lot of time for every one. So when reporting a ghost, please follow these steps:

Step 1
Make sure you have the controllers name, where it happened, and what date/time it happened. If you do not know where to find this information, it is located in your logbook.

Step 2
PM the controller with the information you have so they can recall to that specific ghost, as they deal with many other people requesting ghost reversal.

Step 3
Explain why the ghost should be reversed, provide evidence that it was not your fault. Ghosts are mostly caused due to people not obeying ATC, so you should provide of a screenshot of ATC command logs, to to show that you where following commands.Ghosts will only be reversed if it was proven to be an error on the controllers side.

I hope that clears up the ghost reversal proscess! Have a nice day, and happy landings!


Already included in this post. Look under the ATC section

Gonna quote that part for you

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