When posting in the "Spotting" category...

Alright people,

I have seen some things in the ‘Spotting’ category that have really blown my mind.

First of all, do not post things I have to squint the be able to see. It is ridiculous that people are posting pictures with there phone that have less than 200 pixels.Now, I’m not saying that phone quality shouldn’t be allowed, but in my opinion if you can’t see the airline name on the airplane, don’t post it. It’s that simple.

For example, something like this should never, EVER, be posted on the forum.


Spotting @ KIAD (Dulles International Airport) (Only the first pictures)

This is what I call boarder line, meaning I can see and recognize the aircraft, but it very grainy and has low quality.

For an example of what should be posted on this forum, here is what I’m talking about.

or even things like this:

In conclusion, if people can’t recognize the aircraft, please don’t post it. I know this might be a little harsh, but I feel it was needed.


@JRRaviation you’ve done it again! Thanks for making the spotting section of this community so great✌👌👍

I agree with you in that many of the topics in the spotting are either very low quality or too far away to see anything. Hopefully this will help new Iand current FC members and any new plane spotters.

This should be pinned!


I try my best. Things like useless topics when you can barely see the plane really get on my nerves…


I understand what you mean, but not everyone has access to expensive photography equipment.


Which I am perfectly fine with. As I said, if you can see the airline name, it’s fine.

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So would this be an acceptable photo?

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Sure, I can see the airline name. Then again, it would be considered border line for me.


Ok, thanks for the clarification

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Thanks for your opinion here’s mine. Who cares skip over it if you don’t like it.


Then again, if you can’t recognise its southwest airlines from that photo, there may be a problem… i recognise that red belly cruising overhead even from 25,000ft in the air.


No reason to call people out like that, because their photos are not “fantastic”.


Please read my post before making dumb comments. As I said, you need to be able to see the airline name. It’s that simple. Plus, it is very hard to explain something like this without a visual representation.

Come on man, you don’t run the spotting category cut these guys some slack. Sure they’re photos might suck, but telling them that they should never post here helps nobody.

I see no airline name in that photo below. Does that mean it sucks?

Hell, I’m a published aviation, aerial, concert, and landscape photographer right now and my first photos ever were even worse than the ones you linked. Way worse.

No way I would be where I’m at now without feedback from subs on Reddit, photographer friends, and professionals. Your comments above help no one and has BS written all over it. Bull 💩. Give these people a break for Christ sake and help them, don’t bash them.


First of all, you know what I mean. In this angle you can’t see the airline name. Don’t be a smart alec.

And where did I say that? All I said was don’t post crap pictures on here.

There is nothing to tell these people then to go and buy a camera. You can’t give people photography tips that use their phones.

Use this advice ^

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Right back at ya, fam.

Thanks for saying my topic is good :D, I thought it was going to be called horrible from what I read at the start

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Hey man, I get the direction that your going with this and it is appreciated. But please take in to concideration that this is a community forum for not just IF players but Plane enthusiasts. Whether they fly or there feet are nailed to the ground. And hey if you look up my shots “family day Boeing”. most are pretty darn good even though I had a lvl posting spat with @Lahockey. But hey it’s fun to try to guess an aircraft by the siloette. You might not get it is an AA 777-300er but hey it’s a 777. I mean if you saw a plane across the airfield would you be able to tell if it was an airbus or Boeing plane with no wings visible just the upper half of the fuselage and tail? I can. Remember that these folks are just as enthusiastic about planes as you are. By the way I hope they get this airline back full force can you see it?

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I do get where you’re coming from, but when it gets to point where you can barely see the airplane, there is a problem. At the very least, you should be able to tell what aircraft and airline.

Waiting to see if some one can guess the airport and airline

Uhm Las Vegas and eastern airlines