When plotting WPTs in FPL heading seems off in map

When my FPL takes me over the polar circle or near the north pole the heading from one fix to another tends to be a big difference. For example, I’m at heading 020 for X WPT, then after travelling a few nm I carry on to my next WPT and proceed to turn to heading 030 (10 degrees difference). The problem is that I don’t want my aircraft to bank hard during cruise as that’s unrealistic, I just need a 2-5 degree heading difference but when I look at the map it looks like the lines aren’t bent at all in fact they’re almost perfectly straight!

Does the connection look straight to you guys?

Yes. It’s straight. The most likely reason it’s doing this is because of the curvatof the earth.

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And banking 10° is just fine. As long as it’s less than 90°, is say is fine.

What you’re seeing is magnetic deviation. Your FPL takes you close to the magnetic North Pole. This is where compasses point, and is different from the geographic North Pole. So although your flight plan is almost completely straight, the headings to the next waypoint are going to be different because, relative to magnetic north, you are flying a different heading. If you stayed at 020 degrees, you’d end up flying a big arc.


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