When pc/mac infinite flight comes out what would be the requirements

would you need to actually play this game with at least 60frames a second??

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I guess the requirements will depend on the performance of the app.

thanks @CopaAirlines

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the requirements for it will be VERY low. They said the PC version will be SUPER similar to the app version at first. then it evolves from there. But at first it will be low requirements. Although the texturing in the new planes are 4k, so a little higher for that.


I would say that probably even the 2015 MacBook would have the specs.

cause i have the 2012 13 inch mbp with 8gb ram

core i5 with intel 4000 graphics :|

It’s like asking what the winning Powerball numbers are… Who knows? You might need Intel Integrated Graphics or a GTX 1080. A Pentium or a Core i7. Lel

It will probably depend on how you choose your settings. We might need 2 Titan XP in SLI.

I’m pretty sure 2 1080s in SLI will be more powerful that the Titans. Anyone hear from AMD? Ha

How do you know this?

But yeah as long as your computer is more powerful than an iPhone you won’t have any problem running it

And I think a long time ago Cameron said the entire application would need to be rewritten in order to run on OS X or macOS

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Did you not hear about the new Titan X based on the pascal architecture? 11TFLOPs of computing power. AMD really needs to start competing, $1200 for the graphics card is getting a little ridiculous now.

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Either laura or the infinite flight page mentioned it in a comment.

@Swang007 Here you are :3


Nobody needs that type of processing power, especially for gaming. Unless you are running triple 4K monitors and a game like crisis 3 with all settings maxed out then you are wasting your money

Mmmm 4K graphics and maybe clickable buttons in the cockpit sounds like a dream come true

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4K, yes, buttons, eh

like i said, the PC version will be very similar to the app at first.

I don’t think my device can do 4K. iPad Air guys?

2sli titan xp thats 3000 bucks just o play a 7$ game lel