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I was just flying expert server in London region. On EGBB approach frequency I was given vectors for my approach to land at the airport. The ATC instructions ended up putting me within literally a couple feet of another plane coming across my nose at the same altitude about 20-something miles southeast of EGBB. My question is…what do I do in this situation? Request altitude change (I saw it coming…from miles away)? Wait for ATC? Other options? Please forgive any ignorance on my end…new account on the forum but have been reading along and playing the flight sim for over a year. Thanks for your assistance in advance. Oh and I would message the controller directly but I can’t find him on here…thanks again.


I notified the approach controller… He’ll reach out to you to discuss. Thank you for being respectful on your post.

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Much appreciated. Not upset…I just don’t know what to do in this situation. Thanks!


There’s a few options in the scenario you was in, just for future reference.

Unable is normally something us controllers dread to hear, but in these kind of circumstances it’s acceptable, one unable normally gets the controller looking round the radar as to why you’ve sent it, you can only use unable though when a command is issued, so for example if your told to descend to 5000 but there’s a mountain there, your response would be unable.

If you seen the pilot was at the same altitude, you could of also requested an altitude change before hand which again, the controller will look once to see why, just to make sure your not spamming the frequency, which we get quite often.

These things happen, none of us are perfect and when approach gets rather busy you can sometimes miss a few things!

Hope this advise helps in the future.


I would like to reiterate that your post is very professional and respectful. Thank you and kudos to you!

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Thanks, this helps. Since planes were taking off going SE, and I was heading direct north I assumed the pilot of the other plane was going to keep going up in altitude. But the other plane ended up stopping at around 11k ft. I was instructed to descend from I think 14k to 11k. My assumption was wrong and we ended up nearly colliding…I am going to be a little more mindful and aggressive with ATC in the future if I see this happening again from my end… i am thankful for your advice!


I wouldn’t say be aggressive, that will get you no where, just be mindful, sometimes we don’t always have the departures on our frequency, half of the time they just fly there own flight plan if there isn’t a departure controller online, so it’s quite difficult to manage all of the inbounds and then take care of departures too, this pilot should of seen you and carried on his climb.

But if you can see that your going to collide, an unable will be more than sufficient, and then if you get told to follow instructions, follow them, and then come to the forum just like you did and get hold of the controller.

ALL controllers should be able to take feedback both positive and constructive, so it won’t go a miss :)


Keep in mind that ATC as well as pilots deal with disappearing and reappearing aircraft quite often . I can tell you that working approach is challenging enough with the amount of aircraft we work with. But makes it even more challenging with disappearing aircraft . Usually it’s associated with connection issues on the end of the pilot. Thanks for being professional with you comment / quesrion.


Got it. Wrong choice of words there… you got what I meant though…


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