When, on any server on IF, have you spotted me flying?

I thought I might ask this question, because I started a different thread, and sparked up this question. I’m sure somebody had to find me, since I fly only on expert server and I only why to and from where ever there is ATC. Have you seen me? If this thread gets dead just close it

Continue here, seems more appropriate. 🙂

In new here. I’m fresh out da box. Sorry lol

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On second thought… I don’t wanna scroll all 7k comments down.

To save scrolling where you see the number of posts click that and you can jump to the bottom.

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On the side of your screen should be a bar that shows replies and the most recent time of the post. If you click the bottom of the bar (It would say the duration of the last post in that topic), it will go down till there & you can reply below that.


Hey! Use the feature I show you here to scroll down fast:

Click on this in the bottom right, on mobile.

Scroll down the bar seen in the top right on mobile.

There ya go! You are there. Enjoy!

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You people are so nice… I love you all.


Please used the linked thread above. Thanks!