When Not to Check ATIS


Well, always follow instructions, but, yeah, if you want to taxi further to get to a runway that can support your plane then sure. But never the end opposite the flow of traffic. (By support your plane, I mean don’t ask for the 5000x98 foot runway in a 388.)


Thanks! Good to hear from the controllers about what they want us to do…


I should also note that there are some who insist on crossing runways they don’t need to cross to to get to a takeoff runway they want to do patterns on.

In that case, no, I’ll taxi you to the inside runway and you can switch in the air. There is no reason to gum up the works on the ground when two runways share a downwind. [See crossing 25R at KLAX to get to 25L]


Yes, that bugs me when people cross runways they don’t need too…


Was in line at PHNL for 8L and controller let me cut across to 8R (I had to taxi around all the aircraft and hold short of 8L at Victor and then cross so it looked like I was cutting but the controller knew so whatever) and the three minute taxi saved me 15 minutes from waiting in line. This can actually really speed up your departure if the queue for a runway is really long.


Were you trying to cross at PHNL on taxiway gulf, sierra or delta. If so don’t, it forces the controller to let you cross. It’s super annoying and can cause unforseen delays.


The controller instructed me to taxi to 8R instead of 8L and I crossed at Tango right after a departure while the next aircraft was ligning up. Sorry to confuse, above I said I was in line for 8L but I was not.


I should know IFC by now.

Yes. There are exceptions to everything in life.


Not trying to create an exception here. Just talking about ways to expedite the departure process.


I think the atis should be able to be tuned slightly further out than approach or the same so it can be checked before contacting approach. Generally once I’m with approach I don’t find a chance to check it.


That’s the point though. If you’re with Approach, and they’re vectoring you to a specific runway, what possible need is there to check the ATIS?


good post. didnt knew this that its not imp. on select occasions to check atis. but generally I check atis before contacting approach. it happened me just 2-3 times before. that the airspace was really busy and i couldn’t wait for atis to show up on my frequency list. check and contact approch. i’ll probably be gosted then for not contacting. so in that case what i did when approach cleared me for approach and handed me off to tower. i didnt call inbound. I just reported my position that i’m on final runway XX. and then the towered cleared me to land. is it the right thing to do…?


Can we add: ‘during taxi (after you heard an ATIS announcement)’ here?


Couple things:

Current state, you can tune into approach further out than ATIS. That’s actually backward. You can tune into Approach 169 miles out, but I promise none of the approach controllers want you to do so. Waiting until you can access ATIS and then contacting Approach at 50-70 miles out is just fine. You will certainly not be ghosted for not contacting 170 miles away. They will thank you for it.

Reporting position on final is most definitely not the correct way to do it.

  1. If you are vectored by approach to an ILS: Call “Inbound on the ILS”

  2. If you are vectored by approach for a visual: Call “Inbound on the visual”

  3. If you are given RV or FF by Approach or if there is no Approach: Call “Inbound for landing”

Reporting position is not calling inbound to an active tower.

And I will state once again, in the absence of approach, you are not inbound in the ILS 25 miles away, nowhere near a localizer. I do not know why this is such a prevalent idea, but it is.


No but it would be nice to check before hand, there is no point after


What is the point of checking before if Approach is still going to vector you to a runway?

As Tim said, controllers will appreciate if you don’t call in until you’re 60-ish miles away from the airport, at which point you can check the ATIS. So either:

  1. Contact approach and don’t switch off to check the ATIS, because approach will vector you to an active runway, or

  2. Wait until you are in range of the ATIS freq, listen to it, then contact approach.


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