When Not to Check ATIS

  • After contacting tower, receiving pattern entry, sequence and clearance

  • After Approach clears you for an ILS intercept before contacting tower

Why? Why would you ever need to check ATIS in either of these situations? I’ll wait.

If Tower clears you for 27L, do you need to find out which runways are in operation?

If Approach just spent the last 20 minutes directing you to a specific runway, that’s the runway you’re using. What are you checking ATIS for? Dew point?

Side note: You sound really silly when you call in “with information Echo” and then request the opposite end of what the ATIS says. Or when given taxi to the side ATIS indicates “with information Echo” but then request taxi to the opposite end three times in a row anyway.


Would it be allowed if Tower announces if a new information is accessible? Like ‘ATIS Information BRAVO Is Now Available.’?

They check it to show Tower they “read” it, because when you don’t check it doesn’t include it in the inbound request.

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That’s why you do it first.

Haha I didn’t say it was correct, it’s defiantly not.

Not necessary if you’re inbound. It clears out your log and just makes things more complicated. If they need to convey something to you after clearance, they will.

This is great! One question though: In real life, would pilots get runway information way back to properly change their FPL or do they just go off their FPL with vectors from ATC?

One, they have coverage the whole way.

Two, they don’t make flight plans to a specific runway.

Go with what’s current. When I did my dispatching cert we plan for the runway but it could change while the aircraft is in flight.

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Alright, so they can listen to ATIS even from say, 3000 nm away?

I think I know the point you’re attempting to make, but you have to bring in pieces I didn’t reference at all to do it, so it’s not making the point you think.

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You thought I was trying to troll people??

I took that out. That wasn’t quite what I meant

But why would they need to hear ATIS 3000 miles away? That doesn’t make any sense. On a flight from JFK-LHR, they’re not planning on 27R as they leave NYC.

Oh, ok. Sorry for whatever I did do. Whatever it was it wasn’t my intention.

😂 This made my day!


Dispatch does though that’s part of the flight plan, but that can also always change.

(Sorry didn’t mean try cause any issues! =) )

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Well, yeah, you have TAFs, etc, they have a good idea.

But my point centers on the logistics in Infinite Flight. That is what I’m talking about.

If you’ve been cleared by tower, there is no logical reason to switch back and forth.

Real world operations have no bearing on that.


Also, and correct me if I am wrong, but usually (eaven after checking ATIS) I will still usually just request to taxi to “active runway” or be inbound to no specific runway. I figure at least unless I have a pressing desire for a specific runway I usually assume ATC know where they need me, or does it make it easier for you all if I already know whare I want to go?


It doesn’t matter to me, really. But if 27s are in operation and someone requests 09s, I’m just giving them 27 anyway. It’s not as if I take their specific request into consideration and effect a full runway change in their say-so, which is what they seem to expect.

Now, if you’re equidistant between 18C and 18L, and I’ve told you 18L but you feel like 18C, cool taxi there. Just don’t request 36R. [There are small exceptions, for example the other day at WSSS I had 20 people queued at 20C and no one at 20R, I was a little more concerned with trying to balance that. But normally, if you want to taxi farther, okey doke, as long as it’s the right end.]


So general take away, of course follow instructions, but end matters more than R, L, C, etc…?