When next ATC schedule will be posted?

Normally, ATC schedule is posted at about 15:00 UTC so what is happening ?


I think something big might be happening especially with the beta terminals and 21.1 tomorrow


Ok, thanks !

You can imagine they’re busy with setting up the stream, open beta details etc… Just be patient Tyler will release it when he’s able.

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Thanks a lot !

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How is that related to the question?

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I partly misunderstood the question, whoops.
@ThomasThePro’s answer is better lol

Hello! I’ll post next week’s ATC schedule a bit later than usual. Our team is focused on the Twitch stream and I’d love for our controllers to focus on this as well.

Fun note, it’ll be the final ATC schedule ever posted!


how will it work for people who don’t have beta at that time compared to those who do?

😁😁😁😁😁 this is historical!

It is a bittersweet moment. Off to USA west!

ATC changing it’s way of staffing the globe will have no impact on beta.


Really?! So that means controllers control anywhere then?

so beta and non beta users will be in the same session without even knowing it? or will they be separated and ATC users with beta will be with the beta users and so on. sorry not really getting how this is gonna work

We have private beta members controlling pilots on the public app store version as we speak. It will be okay! :)

@Brody_Swiatek yes, once we kick this off controllers will be able to control any airport within their assigned region boundary. If you only care to control one airport or part of the world you can now do that.


yeah i had same question ( i dont have anymore )

Ahh, so it’s a mix. thanks and sorry for all the questions! :)

It’s all right! Happy to help. Have a good day!

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Likewise ;)

I’ve seen it before, but I can’t wait to fly one solid realistic route for a month!

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