When making Polls

When making Polls asking about what people think about airlines or aircraft, there is no need to have the option ‘I have never flown with them’ or ‘I have not flown on it’ etc…

If people have not flown with them, or on the aircraft they just do not need to vote…

Here are some reasons to leave it out, to benefit you!

  1. It helps get more accurate results in your poll with the %
  2. You can tell at a much quicker glance what is the highest voted for
  3. You can get your poll out quicker ;)

I say remove the polls and the threads completely.


I think they are good, as it can help people to get an idea of the airline they are going to fly with, or airlines they are looking to fly with.

Maybe a new Category for them is needed… not too sure.

But as I stated in the topic i linked above, there are lots of internet sites to help you, why do you certainly these opinions?

yep if I am looking for travel advise I will go to a travel website. This website is for talking Flight Sims and in particular Infinite Flight!


The problem is that a lot of users may vote for the negative/‘no’ if they haven’t been on the airline, but I see your point. We are always going to have some voters who have no clue.

Another point, what’s up with polls in #features requests? You have already created the request so it’s not as if you’re going to change your mind based on the outcome of the poll. Use the like button to show support on a feature request.


If you’re looking for real experiences polls won’t work anyway. You just need to listen to what someone has to say. You can’t cover that with poll options.


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