When life gives you a cloudy day... [Spotting at LSGG]

…you’re probably spotting with me.


Maybe that was a bit extreme. Of the roughly 25 day spotting sessions I’ve done in 2023, only 6 were entirely cloudy. But alas this is one of them, so I had to bring the recoveries back out. Also, I think this is the first and only cross-border spotting I’ve ever done. I am standing on a hill in France spotting the planes in Switzerland.

Gear: Sony α7iii + Sony 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS

Kuwait Airways A320-200 [9K-AKF]

This should be their actual livery.

MEA A321 NEO [T7-ME6]

Interesting texture on the mask.

Private Gulfstream G650 [VP-BZF]

Boring paint, interesting scenery.

JetFly Cirrus Vision SF50 G2 [LX-SFA]

This plane is lighter than a G87 M2 Competition. Seriously.

TAP Air Portugal A321 NEO [CS-TXJ]


Smart Jet Hawker Beechcraft 400XP [SP-EAK]

All the registrations you could’ve picked and you do this.

Swiss International Airlines A330-300 [HB-JHL]

Captain is concentrating very hard on making the turn correctly.

Astonjet Cessna 525 Citation M2 [F-HBTV]

Oh no, he’s landing on the A330.

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this is a topic


This is not a topic.


Come spot at Heathrow mate. Truly the cloudy spotting location of all time.


This is the ………………………………………………………. of all time

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oh my bad. sorry for the misunderstanding

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I know right its my closest airport. I go spotting there like all the time

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No that involves going to the UK

Indeed the … of all time.

It’s not okay

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@AndrewWu You were on the common spot 😕. Should have tried to go just to the field at 5min from there:

because on yours you can’t see the touchdown at all…

Is that the farmer field? I think @Kamryn took one or two shots from there

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farmer? never been told it was from someone

Spot 14

Ah yeah there

We discussed this but it was rainy and gross so I didn’t really want to walk through the mud

Oh rainy? lol I went there with a tempest especially to try if rainy pics can looks good 🤣, took an umbrella for the camera and I was uhm, out of it

Maybe. It was honestly very low effort spotting because the weather was so bad and we only had like an hour or two.

As a beginner photographer, really you should get stuck into every opportunity!


could have been better if I were a better photographer 🫤

It wasn’t that rainy when I went lol

my bad i will drench myself and my camera next time

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