When landing, if Altitude is different between AGL and MSL

Sorry for the stupid question, but let’s say MSL Is at 890ft and AGL is at 300ft, am I still gonna land once MSL is at 0?

No. When you land, your altitude will be 0 feet AGL, but your altitude MSL depends on the airport elevation.

If you were landing at Denver, for example, your altitude AGL would be 0 but your altitude MSL would be somewhere around 5000.


AGL: „Above Ground Level“
—> Altitude above Ground

MSL: „Mean Sea Level“
—> Altitude above Sea Level

The Sea level always stays the same. When landing at an airport like Nice for example, which is located right at the Ocean, MSL and AGL are probably more or less the same. But a mountain for example is higher than the sea level. That’s why when landing on an airport like Denver (as TaipeiGuru mentioned), you’re still way above Sea Level (MSL). That means you need to put the altitude into consideration when it comes to landing and departure as you might need another takeoff or landing configuration to remain stable etc compared to how you land at 0ft MSL.


One would hope you wouldn’t land at 0 feet MSL at a place like KASE. You’d be 8k feet underground.

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As Tim says above, your runway on the ground will always be your zero feet touchdown (AGL).

And while you’re at it (upon landing reaching for that zero feet) you could imagine where the ocean is (MSL) in relation to that airport’s location you’re landing into, i.e. is your runway way up high in the mountains (1000’s MSL) above the ocean? High ground? Or ocean side(10~60 feet MSL)?

Hope that could help draw up an imaginary perspective, cheers mate!

The view in your HUD displays your MSL. It’ll be helpful then to put AGL in one of the tabs below (yoke, A/C weight etc). When you set your autopilot, it will be in MSL, so you may have trouble with approaching airports above 4,000ft if you’re not paying attention etc.

Let’s say you’re landing at JNB. JNB is around 5,558 ft above MSL. When you set the autopilot, you will be setting it at MSL, so, let’s assume that you want to approach and intercept the ILS at 4,000ft AGL (depends on approach type and charts for the airport but let’s take 4,000ft for now), you will want to set the autopilot at 9,600ft(5,558 +4000= 9558ft which is about 9600ft).

Hope it helps.

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Well not really due to tides and a few factors…but for the sake of IF where use a standard on our altimeters yes it stays the same :-)

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One thing to mention is that altitude callouts in Infinite Flight are based off AGL… meaning if you have varying terrain on short final, you could get repeated callouts. Or, if the runway is on a plateau, the callout could jump from 200 to 50, for example. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, callouts in real life are based off AAL (Above Aerodome Level).

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