When it’s the best time to Open ATC Thread?

Hi, every time that I open my ATC thread there’s no plane coming or 1 plane, i would love to know when it’s the best time to open an ATC thread and how to attract people?

Hope it’s in the good category


I would suggest on weekends as more people will be available. However, it can be hit or miss depending on what people have going on.


I have a same problem, seems to work if you make your thread more appealing or something. But it is purely chance/luck

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Be patient. I’m seeing more and more people quit after 20 minutes because no one came, but sometimes you may need to wait a little longer for people to come.


Yea, I opened one an hour ago and I had to wait 35 minutes before any arrivals. I’d open up at an airport with atleast 1-2 people and people will more likely fly at airports with activity :)

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It’s been mentioned but I want to repeat this, as I believe it’s vital: make a good and attractive tracking thread. It’s not (all) about when to open, but having an inviting your tracking thread that triggers pilots to help you.
Write a good header post, at the top of your thread and make sure it:

  • stands out - write it well, introduce yourself, explain what your goals are, why you have this thread
  • is inviting - invite people to join your thread
  • is clear - describe how often you want to open, add any fixed times, etc.

Your top post is fixed, it doesn’t change.
This is why it doesn’t contain any airport specific info, or stuff like that. It’s purely an introduction and a kind invitation. Every time you open reply to your top post with details on where you want to open and for how long
When you do that, your thread will end up on top of the ‘Latest’ search, and get some attention.

Here is some info to check.

And finally: forget KLAX, KSFO and all the other obvious airports. They’re a magnet for noobs and cause you pain. Open airports with parallel runways, so you can practice the ‘exit runway and cross’ procedure. And…the you can worry about when you should open.
Don’t forget: people that will come and fly for you do this to help you. So keep thread’s title up-to-date and set is to CLOSED immediately after you close.
And don’t forget to thank people for their time and feedback.


It takes time for people to see your post and log on. Just be patient. I recommend opening a frequency, then doing something on the side (that you can stop whenever) while waiting for an aircraft to arrive or spawn in.
This is not only for ATC practice threads only. Sometimes, I will open a frequency on the expert server and I’ll only get 5-6 aircraft in a 2 hour span.

Just sit tight and someone will eventually show up!

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