When is your IF flight time?

When would be your playing time of IF in Zulu time?

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I fly when I have time and it’s not defined. ;) But most between 15:00 and 19:00 Zulu. ;)


19:00 ZULU to 2:00 ZULU

Mostly between 17:00 ZULU and 19:30 ZULU

It’s in my profile. 1000Z to 130Z during daylight savings. Mostly after 1100Z and before 2300Z. I haven’t been playing in a while, but will get back to it!

0000z to 0600z, I never see anyone :(

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Around 0100Z weeknights. Random times on weekends.

Anytime from 2300Z to 1500Z

0000Z to 2000Z (Last time when I played Live back on December)

I play after work and on the weekends usually around 0400Z.

Scott make a poll, will help display better

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