When is the right time to turn on the Strobelights?

When is the right time to turn on the Strobelights?
Is it when you’re enter the runway?
At the same time as the landing lights ?
When you hold 1’st in line?
Under the taxiing?
Right before you beguine taxiing?

in such case
Uncontrolled airspace: when you say taking off to the Unicom

Controlled airspace when atc give you clearance to enter the runway

correct me if i am wrong, i am not an expert

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You want to turn your strobe lights on just prior to entering a runway, and keep them on until you exit the runway after landing.

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A good one to remember

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And pushback? Is it only beacon lights or is it the taxi procedure ?

Apply Seat Belt and Non-Smoking. Once both engines are running, usually a little after pushback, apply NAV and Beacons.

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Skip to page 206 and read Use of Aircraft Lights. In depth information on when to use aircraft lights. To answer your question, strobes should only be used when on a runway and in the air.

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So the plane is totally dark under the pushback when both engines isen’t activated yet?

Yes, that’s right.

Depends, if you’re at prior start up and you do not have a beacon light then before the start of an engine

If you have a beacon and you are about to enter a runway environment then before you’re about to enter turn it on

Typically you should turn Beacon lights on when you are about to start engines so people are aware you are about to start them and to move away from the aircraft. Nav lights can be switched on now for pushback. For specific details on landing light and strobes check out this tutorial by Mark! Landing Lights & Strobes


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