When is the first time YOU traveled

Hello everyone, I just wanted to know is that, when is the first time YOU traveled.
The first time traveled was the 737 to Las Vegas.
I know because I have a footage of it, i can’t put it because its on a… camera.
that i can’t find the port for it. So,
thats all I wanted to know, when is the first time YOU traveled.


I went to Hawaii (PHNL) as a baby. I believe I was 6 months old. Obviously don’t have footage or remember the aircraft.


Mine was when I was 3 weeks old from Perth to The Maldives in a Challenger 604.

13 years later, still in-love with aviation.


I don’t remember how old I was but my first flight was on Midwest 717-200 from KATW to KMKE


heh heh still very young wow
i never heard of any body being so young
i was only 4 when i flew

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Yeah, but why aren’t be talking about how he flew in a private jet… Pretty cool if you ask me!


I was about 5 months old from Belgrade to Frankfurt (733) and Frankfurt to Singapore! (A380)

My second flight in my life was on an A380. How cool is that!

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I want to know the answer to this question in terms of everyone.

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With Transavia to Valencia I believe. Was only a few years old
My first long haul was AMS-BON on the historic MD-11

I was only 18 weeks old when I first travelled. My mum showed me a photo of the old Qantas A330 Business class. I believe the flight was to Bali to celebrate my first trip

When I was 2 from KSFO - KJFK on a united flight from what my parents tell me. Idk aircraft model etc… cause my parents don’t pay attention to that stuff and don’t know lol.

My second time (excluding return from New York)
Is KSFO - Dubai

I’ve loved aviation since my first flight

My latest flight was last summer KSFO -WSSS, returning back WSSS - KSFO A350-900.

February 4th, 1998. I was just a little over three weeks old. It was a flight from Basel to Nuremberg on a Crossair Saab 340 (Flight Number LX556, Registration HB-AKF).


Back when I was a baby, flew on the world’s longest commercial flight Singapore to Newark on the then Singapore Airlines A340. Flew in Business class and slept for the whole flight.

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I was really young but I believe I was flying from San Jose (SJC/KSJC) to Las Vegas (LAS/KLAS)

Heck yeah, @Marc and I win.

I was 3 when I first traveled to Paris with Aer Lingus

I was 4 months when I first flew, I was flew from Sofia to Moscow in what I am guessing was an A320. Obviously I don’t know for sure, I am just making an educated guess

You did what???

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I have always been a flyer! I was born in China and I had relatives in many places, my parents tell me my first flight was 3 months and first international was 6 months. I’m not sure if that true but that’s what they say!

First time I flew was June 2000 from OMDB to YBBN via WSSS back when SIA were still operating the A340-500.