When is the CI 747 retiring?

Anybody knows when is the CI B744 retiring? Wanna do an event for it as the farewell.

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I do not know actually. EVA Air retired its last passenger 747-400 on Monday, sadly.


It’s not very sad. Cuz I was on her back to Hong Kong from tai pei on Monday, and my friends at the airport spotting it.

Well, it’s sad for me and us Community members because we really love the 747-400. They’re slowly dying everyday :(


yes its really a pity, and a heavier pity for IF not having the EVA 744…

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Should this be in #real-world-aviation,
Because if it should, I’m afraid you have to be Trust Level 2 (member) to post in #real-world-aviation.


I flew on a BA 744 from London back to San Francisco

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You know, the aircraft is actually quite good, though elder generations have to be retired…