When is the A320 going to come out?

Does anyone know what month or date the A320 is going to come out?

Could people please just chill out and stop asking about the update? Seriously, the update comes when it it is ready. Would you rather have a lot of bugs and awkward things?

@MishaCamp please close

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No one knows… beside the Dev’s…

No one will know, please stop asking, they will get it out when they can.

Sorry I was just curious. But I can’t wait!! :D

Not even sure if they know :)

Yes! Me either, just save the Devs, they are loaded with these questions.

No one other than the devs will know when the update will be out :)

Can everyone flag this? Before our screens explode

The update does not have a set release date. It will be released when it’s ready. Hang tight! :)