When is the 20.1 Hotfix going to be released?

I don’t have the 20.1 Hotfix update. My replays can’t be played as well (discussed this in another topic) and they said that it would include fixing this issue. I was just wondering when I will get it (I have an Android device), as I have seen people have already got it. All help is appreciated.

Hotfix number 1 (v20.01.01) is already out. It was released on June 13th, 2020.

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That hotfix has not been released yet, so what the others have is not something we have any clue about :)
Maybe it’s hotfix #1 they are referring to.


Then I wonder why the replay issue wasn’t fixed…

The hotfix regarding the replays wasn’t fixed, just the previous issues.

Edit: My original reply was regarding the original hotfix informing you that v20.01.01 was released.

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So do you know when the hotfix for the replays will be released?

See my previous reply :)

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Do we have any specific date of when it will be released or any information about the replay hotfix?

No, not at this time. Within a few days hopefully! The replay issue not the only thing for the next hotfix :)


Okay, thanks for all your help! I really appreciate it. I will be expecting the hotfix soon!

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