When is sunset

Hello I would like to know how do a find out when is sunset for KSFO because in real life it says it’s sunset at 7:23AM but in infinite it’s off so don’t know when

Are you sure you’ve selected the correct year, day and month?

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Google is your friend…

Edit: my mistake, I simply got confused. Have you tried going on solo and changing the time?

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Sorry but I’m saying because it says it’s sunrise in one area but infinite flight is off so does anybody know when it gets sunrise at KSFO infinite flight time

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Yes @anon24319801

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Hmm, give me a moment to check please!

My apologies, @Helicopterzzz I think you googled the wrong thing.

Sunrise starts at 7:23 am, and Sunset starts at 16:30 (4:30PM)

Ok thanks @anon24319801

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No worries, blue skies!