When is Rush Hour in IF?

I mean, what is the busiest time (Zulu, Pt, etc.) In IF, considering ATC and Aircrafts?
If you are asking why I want to know that, I am considering to subscribe to IF Live before November, but I have very restricted time to play, so I want that my free time to match with the busiest time.

Weekends 9 am to 2 am Weekdays 3 pm to 10 pm


Hmmmmmm. SoCal TS1-Always busy.


Casual Server: Not usually crowded.
TS1: SoCal. It’s always rush hour here. 😂
TS2: Never crowded.
Expert Server: 1500Z to 2100Z on any Region.


Congratulations, you just summed up the IF four.

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IF four… What? Haha

Summoning my inner Justin Bieber: What do you mean?

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SoCal TS1 24/7

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When I’m sleeping ;)


Usually weekends in the America’s are pretty busy.

Casual: Nearly Always
TS1: Always
TS2: Never
Expert: around noon

@FlyFi TS2 was pretty crowded on my VA’s event

Noon on what time zone?

Whenever an ATC has the glorious idea to open an airport in SoCal.

That’s only because it was an event.

True, thats right :/

No, GMT. Most things are in GMT on the Community

On school holidays it is extremely busy. After a release of an aircraft, you’ll get swarms of the same aircraft flying around.

Can’t fly in any of those times 😢

Thanks. Btw GMT and UTC are the same