When is it okay to leave the application or network and come back.

What I have noticed is some users will leave the app or have a network loss when they are on the taxiway, runway, just departed, or when they are on the approach. These times are the worst times this could happen.

When you return your likely to be right in front of, in, or right behind another plane.

Please if you loose your network or leave the app and dont come back within thirty seconds just quit and start again. These periods when your in the airport airspace will take you between 10 to 30 minutes of dedicated time so dedicate yourself to them.

Yes I know you are on a 10 hour floght and your network goes down right as you entered the ILS and by god you will not waste that opportunity. Once the network comes back, if tower or approach is active they now scramble to determine the best method for aircraft separation. Worse yet, you could be reported for interfering with traffic flow.

Be safe just quit and save yourself and others from the heartache that occurs because you departed and returned at the worst time.

So to recap, how much time do you have if you leave or suffer a network loss? We count to 30, if we reach 30, we figure you won’t return and clear other aircraft. So that means if you don’t get back online or into the app within 30 seconds just quit. It happens to all of us on occasion, your next flight will be better.

If you are reading this and are an aircraft behind another aircraft that disappears, count to 30 then taxi up or continue your approach. If they suddenly return you did everything you could to make sure you didn’t invade thier aircraft space.

Happy flying and thank you for reading.


But what if ATC orders me to move up?

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network lost It’s really a big problem…

I totally agree with that. Whether it be with atc or without people should follow these simple “rules”. Think about real life a plane can’t just stop in mid air for a few minutes…

Even 30 seconds can cause delays and problems if you’re on a short final for example. The best is to not even quit the app for multitasking.

It’s also for yourself because at times on approach you might just be sent at the back of the queue…

To add on to that, don’t start a flight if you know you have bad WiFi. I’ve had cases of pilots blocking the runway for several minutes because of that and then asking to remove the ghosting. It’s your responsibility to make sure you can do the entire flight without interfering with other planes.

Obviously it can happen to all of us that we have connection problems. In that case it’s best to quit the app for the reasons listed by @Adam_Macaulay. And I don’t think the hours are lost anyway nor is the XP so it’s not the end of the word 😉


We, ATC, for the most part will leave enough buffer for a 30 second drop, but beyond that, you’ll be given Missed Approach, and vectored again. However this will not apply at an airport with 20 or more aircraft in the approach pattern, we will likely lessen the spacing and that 30 seconds could mean the difference between a Go Around or a land and quick exit. Common sense applies here, think about how you would feel if your flight is interrupted by another returning aircraft at the most inopportune time.

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We will do that 30 second count to get you positioned. If someone suddenly returns, well again ATC and you did everything we could and ATC will either report the aircraft or if ATC can get it out without interuption, then we will do that.

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Im always nervous to clear somebody for takeoff right away when the aircraft in front of them taking off just disappeared. My luck they’ll appear right at the wrong time. Great topic tho Adam!


If you are about to land you could do a 360 or go around

Well said! Had this to happen to me when controlling tower, I cleared traffic to takeoff with plenty of room before th aircraft on final, the departing aircraft dissapeared and reappeared on top of the landing aircraft, causing a runway collision while the departing aircraft took off into the slower landing aircraft.

The worst thing was having to explain that to an IFATC supervisor…
Save your dedicated IFATC controllers some time, and sanity.


It could still potentially cause problems.

If you go around after disappearing and reappearing maybe the plane in front is taking off and you’ll end up right on him causing a collision.

If you do a 360 there could be someone behind you and then you’ll collide with him.

This topic is not about well maybe if I do that or that it’s fine to multitask and appear whenever I want, it’s about the problem it causes and why not to do it. Obviously going around like you said is better than landing on top of the plane in front, but the main thing is how to avoid the problem alltogether

Edit maybe I understood what you said wrong…😬 if you mean it’s the person in front that is causing the issue then obviously yeah you have to go around. Otherwise you’re doing something wrong too and that’s not good. If that happens then atc will tell you to go around and will cancel his takeoff clearance. (And get angry…) if atc doesn’t say go around then do it anyway if you consider that there’s conflict. In the end it’s up to the pilot to take some decisions to keep everyone safe. Number 1 priority! (“If it don’t look right […] you can always go around” never forget that song)

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