When is INFINITE FLIGHT going to change or update it's graphics engine?

Quick question guys…I’ve been thinking recently…I’m a collector of gaming tech ( phones included ) and I love flight simulators. On some of my most powerful gaming smartphones out there running from SNAPDRAGON 855 to SNAPDRAGON 888…I play only Infinite Flight…for me the question is not “can it run Crisis?”…for me it’s “can it run infinite flight?”…and over the years I’ve realized that infinite flight runs like crap on every new, more powerful device that I obtain…it’s like the engine favors weaker devices because they pump out “weaker” resolutions and demand less power.

If I boot up a SD845 GALAXY S8 phone right now, it’s guaranteed to get better performance on that older phone than if I booted up a SD888 GALAXY S21 ULTRA…and I guess it’s because the newer phone pumps out cleaner, crispier images but the newer phones also pack more HORSEPOWER and I feel like they are not being taken advantage of because Infinite Flight is running on a older game engine. I hope when project llM E T A Lll is complete, the game will have a newer, more “capable” engine. That been said…back to flying🤣

What do you guys think?


Project metal will never end, it has no limits. Infinite flight is working on project metal and they will never stop working on it. So it will take time for them to update there graphics.😀

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Project Vulkan for android, Metal is for IOS.

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