When is Guangyuan Panlong Airport getting fixed

Really High Airport? When is this airport getting fixed? It is 15,000 feet above ground and I think that it is pretty ugly when flying through the beautifl terrain around it. Do you think this can be fixed next update?

it is said to be fixed in the next scenery update


It actually has been fixed. We just need to wait until the next scenery update for it to hit IF. This could take a while, but no-one knows.

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wait so when you land, you are actually landing at 15,000ft? because that is like some flying fortress type of landing.

Ya … so my cruising alt had to 40,000 feet

I like to this of this airport as a aircraft carrier,

stall you die, over run the runway you die

have to land at the right speed ;-)

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Lol thats actually pretty funny