When is global flight?

Is this in the next or latest update

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When it’s done…please be patient :)


i don’t know, no updates for IF have come to me yet, i got the one with the q400 but thats the last update i have got so far

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As early as next Tuesday.


No one knows, but honestly I’d be surprised it is in the next update.



next tuesday the update comes out with global flight, ok


It’s just a speculation……

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a soeculation, what do you mean

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AR_AR likes to play jokes, lol.

No it’s not next Tuesday, he’s just joking.

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you a such a joker


Lol, he’s not. He didn’t confess in the end.

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I’m not going to say any more other than any further questions about the update will only cause delay. The script is running.


Please be patient and let the developers decide when they want to or are ready to release it.

Well the airport editing team has a lot of work to do, and since i just joined it, I don’t know exactly how much has been done, but all I can say is, is that there are A LOT of airports!

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There are definitely lots of airports. You guys are gonna love them. ;)

Also, I feel like Global Flight will come in a package. They might add in a new plane or two, some new features, AND Global Flight.

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Do you think global flight will be released by the end of this summer?

I personally don’t. I think it’s going to be the devs’ Christmas present to us.

I can’t wait until Christams :(

Definitely worth waiting for. The GF rollout needs to be as excellent as the rest of the program.
It’s like waiting for your restaurant meal when you’re starving, you still want the chefs to take their time and cook your steak exactly right.