When Inquiring About Your Ghost...

They don’t know what to do and wouldn’t have followed the above instructions and their “help me find out what happened” request won’t be processed coz they did take screenshots or do what @Joe said…

Oh wow…


@Sundayflyer this should help you

Good post. Maybe this means no more “I was ghosted” posts. I’ll also always remember to take screenshots of the map when I’m ghosted, too. I used to just to the log! Not that I ever get ghosted (Ok, so I’ve been ghosted 2 or 3 times, but one was said to be unfair and was reversed)

Thank you I was Delta 857 at PBI on the advanced sever. Thank you

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New to the forum and just joined now to post a bad experience.

I was flying today at approximately 4:00pm UK time, advanced server.

I contacted Palm Springs Approach for vectors and began to follow instructions. I was ignored for several minutes and then continually directed into mountains and instructed to descend. This would have 100% resulted in a crash.

This happened twice, I kept responding with ‘unable’ and I was eventually ghosted.

I play on the advanced server because i want to play with advanced ATC controllers, not people who crash me into mountains and then ghost me, so perhaps Infinite Flight you need to improve the ATC recruitment process.

Callsign Speedbird 095 Heavy


Hey Speedbird, I also controlled you yesterday @ KSAN.

@MarcelloM was the Tower controller then at KPSP, but he will be able to get you into contact with the person who was on approach. Please PM him.

Yes,i was,he is already in touch with controller.😜

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Please review these instructions if your ghosted /Reported on Advanced server


Well, Done Joe! if I get ghosted I had never thought about “Disputing” it in IFATC Court With the Honourable Judge “Joe” Presiding.

Please consider reviewing my ghost. I don’t know how to take a screenshot. I was landing at Kuala Lumper and requested the option for a touch and go on runway 15. When I landed the tower told me to exit the runway. I was then confused. I had requested a touch and go and that was confirmed by the tower. Then tower told my to go to parking. I then requested a take off with no response. Since I was given no response then I chose to exit the runway instead. As I exited I was then ghosted.

I am TRYING to stay patient through this process. But, at the very least let me know how I was supposed to handle this situation. I was in a position where I was going to be ghosted for whatever I did. If I exited the runway, I was going against the confirmed option.

This was an ATC mistake. He forgot I requested the option. Please reverse this ghost if possible…

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Can you PM me with the details and we will get it figured out :) a call sign and time would be great.

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Hello together,
I was ghosted today, 20 minutes ago…why? I don’t know.
In my opinion I was below 550 kts (480 kts @ 29500 ft) and outside approach areas also no contact “you’re in an active airspace…”.

Advanced Server at 06:35 UTC, Singapore & Kuala Lumpur. Way WSSS >>> WMKK.
Call Sign: Etihad 1
I don’t know how were the controllers becaue I lost connection before I could note.

I’d like to understand what happend wrong…Thank you.

You’re flying at 804 knots. That’s it.


Restriction is on “Ground Speed”???

I ghosted you for flying above the speed restriction of 550 kts GS. You were flying 800 kts GS. Let me know if you have any questions.

IRL at that speed your plane wouldn’t been anything but scattered parts falling from the sky.

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You were at 800kts ground speed, and you can’t go above 550GS below 40000ft.

Thanks for your answers. Now I have a lot time to read and not to fly.

I don’t know if you’ve actually used the app since the update, but there are speed warnings for every aircraft now except fighters. So you’ll definitely know when you’re going too fast.