When Inquiring About Your Ghost

Something needs to be done. I just created a topic about my ghosting. I can’t start explaining. I was grade 3 throughout morning to afternoon, followed all instructions had smooth landings on a klm 777 below 140kts, expedition as soon as possible.
My call sign : KLM 67 (At the time)
But I’m currently Velocity 67
@Joe please look into this, I paid so much money and I put in so much effort into the game

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In that boat right now :)

I definitely would support a form or process flow for inquiring about ghosting as @Cessna_Citation_X suggested. I have been playing the game sporadically over the last year when time permits. Definitely prefer to fly the expert server for the ‘classic reason’ that I know what I am doing and hate it when random aircraft drive right through you on the taxi way :) .

I experienced a bug in the game today, where I was unable to respond to controller. As I was entering runway, I received the On-Guard Message from tower, but the app only showed Unicom available. I understand why ATC ghosted me, being an aircraft on the runway, but what was happening on my side was me trying to find out why app wouldn’t let me see/select tower frequency. Reported this bug via feedback form on the Flying Dev website.

I fully respect this forum and happy that it pushes the App Development in the right direction, but I have had no account since most of my free & limited IF time has gone into playing the game. I wanted to see if there was any quick way to have ghosting reviewed so I can go back to playing on Advanced Server today.

So I am here! Saw that I should PM a ATC Moderator, ::creates account::.

Then thought@joe looks like a good person to message ::spends 10 minutes trying to find out how to PM:: ::searches for how to PM:: ::reads about trust levels:: ::spends about 20mins 100 reading posts but notices still can’t PM::

So in short, for us Non-Community People / Non Forumers, would be nice to streamline a way to chat about ghostings, so we can continue to spend our Sunday afternoons flying the lovely Expert Server skies before a long week of work.

Thanks again to all the people on this thread that make IF and IFATC great!

If you want the juicy details of the ghosting, my call sign was ‘JAL 1 19’, flying a 787-9, and I was at PHTO on Sunday 10/2 around 2:30pm EDT. I think the controller might have been Nayeem, but wasn’t able to capture screen shot in time!


You should just be able to go to @Joe’s profile and hit he blue message button.

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You mean go to Joe’s profile hit the blue message and get ghosted double time

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We are definitely working on it.


MaxSez: Hi ya Ian, what a hello and welcome to the Forum introductory post… Nothing like a questionable GHOST to get your attention and juices flowing. Your post sez it all, you can’t get there from here without plodding thru reams of irrelative BS, LOL. The drill you just completed is called IF Tough Love. Appears you stumbled into the answers with very little help from the posted minimal guidance on how to navigate the complexities of this hydra. Do I go to Facebook, the IF Flight Program, Instagram or the Forum first, LOL. Bottom line you past the Test. Congratulations. Here’s some IF go to guys you can trust; suggest you use PM’s: ATC; @Joe… Forum; @Carson IF Admin, no PM go via the Forum Categories ladder, utilizing the “Support” Category on the drop down. See you at 12 O’clock high Pilgrim, Regards


Just wondering… why is there a maximum speed of 550 kts when we have multiple fighter jets at our disposal. They are built to exceed 550 kts… sometimes even 1000…



use them on casual server unless your over 40,000 feet Our regions are too small for that speed under 40,000 feet


I just got a subscription to infinite flight live and it isn’t working is there any advice anyone has

Please make a support topic with all the info from the topic below. That way we can help you :)

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Ok I get being ghosted, although I believe i Am correct, but why did I drop from a 4 to a 2 and how long does it take to restore it? Thanks for your help. My call sign was N459BY

You automatically drop to grade 2 for 7 days. At that time, you go back to grade 4.


Hello! My callsign was ANG3L. I was on the expert server in Hawaii and I was in an F-22 at flight level 440 when my internet connection cut out. the symbol for connectivity went red and then in white text “You are a grade 2, You have to be grade 3 to fly on expert server”. My father then called me and then after immediately denying his call, I went back to IF, and the game crashed. I am now a LVL 2 with one ghost.

Any help would be appreciated.


I ghosted you, you were at FL250 at that time. I have no way of telling if that is you flying or if you have a bad connection…

gotcha… yeah at the time i was ghosted i had just come back from a reconecting logo… so the game probably nose-dove me into the ground or something

If you pitched down when you lost your connection, the sim will just keep you on that exact heading with that exact speed… A shame really, but yeah… :)

Its in the past now… plus now im a Grade 4… so its whatever!!


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