When Inquiring about a Bug in your Sim

####This Topic is not Related to In-Game Bugs Like Gear Tilt in replay mode, scenery Issues…etc

Hey guys, Today i am Showing you how To inquire about a problem in your Sim

So lets Say that you Had A problem
For Example Game is Crashing, Cant log in into live…etc

Before posting about bug here Try These solutions Before Posting:-


  • Reduce Graphics
  • Restart Device
  • Force Stop The sim By Going to Settings-->App manager--> Infinite Flight-->Force Stop
  • Clear Cache the Sim By Going to Settings-->App manager--> Infinite Flight-->Clear Cache
  • Reinstall App


  • Reduce Graphics
  • Restart Device
  • Close the Sim Completly By Clicking the Home Button Two Times and Swiping Infinite Flight Up
  • Reset All Settings Setting-->General-->Reset-->Reset All Settings
  • Reinstall App

If nothing work, You are Good to Report
Here We Will be Very Neat

  1. Neatness of title:- Please Don’t use “Please Help” “Help me”…etc as a title
  2. In title try to Best Descibe the bug in 1 Short Sentence

Inside the Topic:-

Try to be really Clear, Please Follow this Format:-

Well Neat Description


How To Reproduce in Clear Steps? (If Available)

Device Info:- Type, Software Version, Jailbroken/Rooted

IF Info:- Version of IF, and do you get that Bug too many times?
Live Info:- Username and Last Used Callsign

###Also Avoid Duplicate and Use the Search Function

Wish that your bug is solved
Thanks for reading!


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The first two on Android would apply to lag related issues. It helped me a lot reducing the quality to the minimum.

That Doesnt Happen on Most of Devices, if you are Really Afraid Of Clearing Cache and Forcing Stop then Ignore them, but that Solved a lots of Bugs for me



Good thread. People should do this before making support topics.

Thank you, Fixed

Guys if you have any point to add please post here and if it was Useful i will add it

Bumping This Topic, please read here + @david’s pinned post:-

Wait, I thought we wanted to have gear tilt?!

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