When importing multiple replays there is a pop-up about successful import for every replay

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Version Information

20.2 (468)

Device Information

Ipad Pro 10.5’
IOS 14.0.0


When airdropping multiple replay files at once, they open up and import correctly, but there is a “replay was imported succesfully” pop-up for every one of them.

Steps to reproduce

  • import multiple .replay files at once
  • wait for the import to finish
  • Observe multiple pop-ups one over another

Expected results

There is 1 pop-up saying that import/imports of replay file/files was succesful

Actual results

There is a pop-up for every imported replay, one on top of another.

More Information

Pardon me if this was in 20.1 and before, but I don’t remember encountering this problem before