When I'm ATC

How do I shout out to the people while I’m atc that people need to know? For Ex: “All aircraft expect delays.”

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I have been wondering this too

Press the “Broadcast message” option.

Many commands such as these can be found in the “misc” or “broadcast message” sections of the main page. Broadcast message will send the message to all aircraft, while misc will only send to the aircraft that you selected.

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like when you click on a person?

That’s correct.

ok thanks.

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does it only tell that person?

If you mean ATIS (Automated Terminal Information Service).
This is only available to IFATC controllers on the Expert Server, not for any controller on the Training Server.
If you are interested in joining IFATC, check below:

So if I click on one person it’ll shout out to every one? Also does it matter if you ground or tower?

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Broadcast message sends it to all pilots on your frequency.

ok thank you.

It doesn’t matter the frequency.

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No, although commands will vary based on your type of frequency. However, most commands found in “broadcast message” will remain the same.

Keep in mind that you should only tap broadcast message if you’d like to send it to all pilots. If you only want to communicate to a certain aircraft, do not use broadcast message.

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So its only allowed to do it if I’m grade 3?

No. Training server controllers have these commands available to them as well. :)

ATIS is restricted to grade 3 (expert). See @HiFlyer’s post for details.

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Like @TaipeiGuru it doesn’t matter what frequency, grade, or server you’re on, you can do that. :)

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When ever I’m ATC I never see the word, “broadcast.”

Scroll down to the bottom of the main page. You’ll see it down there.

ok, Thank you