When/if/will IF update the current scenery?

Hey folks, I’ve got a question if anyone knows, is IF considering updating the global scenery sometimes? It becomes a problem with new airport construction such as ZBAD and ROAH for example, as currently in the game it looks like ZBAD is in the middle of a farm, while ROAH and VRMM are getting new runways built on reclaimed land. It would be good to know!

I believe they update the scenery when Google Maps updates the satellite map.

Poor Chinese. They got a huge airport laid over them.

I had no clue ROAH and VRMM were getting new runways. Cool!


I believe the devs use Bing Maps.

That would make sense, but IF has already started they do not purchase imagery from Google, so I do not believe they would update it in parallel with google’s cycle.



Nope again :)

Our source for the imagery are stated in the app, under “About”.

We updated it not that long ago when we released the new imagery containing South America, South East Asia etc. But in some places, a lot has happened since the images were taken. So it can be a while until it catches up :)


TerraColor. Hmm, never heard of it.

Feels like one of those TV shows where you guess the answer!



The correct answer is: in the about section.

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Why aren’t the image source updated every time new airports are added? Just wondering. Don’t IFAET have actual satetie image for ZBAD for example?

There has to be some satellite imagery available taken from multiple zoom levels for that to happen. Not even Google have that at this point for ZBAD for example, and they’re one of the largest companies in the world.

Bing has none.

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Sounds like a job for Elon Musk.


But @schyllberg will it be updated eventually?

Yes, some day.

1-3 years update cycle for Google… And we’re not Google.


Oh, ok. Thanks ;)

I have searched for many months of that and tapped on About in the app

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