When I turn of autopilot, the plane goes crazy

Hey guys,

On a flight I did with an air India 787-8 yesterday, once I turned off the altitude autopilot because I was on finals, the plane immediately started pitching up crazily and I had no control. Why does it do this and how can I stop it? I am operating on an apple iPad. Maybe it’s just me being bad at the simulator I don’t know


Before disconnecting your autopilot, did you re-calibrate your device? It is possible that not doing so will lead to the plane violently pitching and rolling.

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i will try that thanks, however sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s weird

However, it was a very long flight, much longer than I usually do, so maybe that’s it

Also, before disengage AP, adjust trim until the pink stripe disappears, which indicates a neutral yoke position. In this case when you disconnect AP immediately after calibration the plane will remain steady.

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what route?? I don’t think it was the problem though. I think you just have to calibrate your device

I concur with @LordWizrak and the others. I always calibrate before disconnecting the autopilot and it makes a huge difference. And the comment about the trim the FlightGT said also will help.

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Let’s say your on final, before you turn off autopilot make sure you calibrate you device. Before you turn off autopilot tilt your device back a bit and that will keep you steady.

Hey it could be :

  • Speed too low ?
  • Trim? Tooo up?

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