When I see someone popular in Infinite Flight

When I see someone popular in Infinite Flight…

Airport - RPLL
Aircraft - Cessna C172
Flight Time - N/A
Route - N/A (I was doing pattern work)

@PocketRishi on the left

Parked next to him because I want to be “noticed”

Is this a bad thing just parking next to somebody you know if it’s not an event/group flight.?


Hello, I hate to be the bad guy, but your screenshots do not meet the requirements for the #screenshots-and-videos category. This includes the one topic per day rule, as well as the requirement that all aircraft tags, sidebars, and controls be removed. This can be achieved in the replay mode.

You can read more below, thanks for understanding!


It’s not a bad thing to park next to someone but sometimes it can be highly unrealistic depending on that’s happening. In your case I’d say it was a bad thing since a C172 should have never taken that spot. If someone else is flying a domestic delta flight and your flying a delta domestic flight and the gate is the right size there’s nothing wrong with that.

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