When I reach cruise, the A330 loses speed

I’ve attempted 2 real-life flights with the A330, but it seems to fail because I lose speed and stall. Anything I can do to make this not happen? It was working before and now I can’t do A330-300 flights.

Hello! What is/was your weight?

I don’t remember but I think it was around 45% of fuel, and like 1,000 lbs of cargo and around 300 passengers.

Were you in A Jetstream or have hard headwinds? Also, What is your altitude at the time?

I think around FL380.

A330s often cruise low at the beginning
Try FLs 310 or 320 at the beginning

Were you above MLW and what altitude did you climb to? If you’re heavy it’s advised to step climb as the air becomes thinner at higher altitudes and your aircraft may no longer produce sufficient lift for it to sustain level flight.

Yes I think I was above MLW.

For longer flights consider the Step-Climb method. It helps reduce fuel on a long haul flights

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In that case, it’s usually best to start your cruise at a lower altitude then work your way up when you’re lighter and have burnt off some fuel. Using flight planning software such as “Simbrief” should help you determine your optimal altitudes and such.

Ok guys I’ll try this soon during the day. Thanks everybody!

You can take reference to this post, its useful, I often fly the A330 and it will surely help.