When I go offline I lose all my aircraft from LIVE.

So I have this issue because I have LIVE+ and I want to practise flying on the London Underground to pass the time but as soon as I go underground all the aircraft disappear… :/ I love IF this is pretty much the only critical issue I have with it so far.

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It probably is a connection issue. Do you have settings set to available downloads online?

It happened to me also. I turn off the wifi, and I lose every paid thing I have. Exiting, turning on the wifi and entering again solves the problem though.

XD you mean over cellular network? nope but i don’t think that is the issue I think the fact that there is no connection at all assailable might shock the game into thinking maybe I don’t have a LIVE+ sub until i regain connection

on the Underground I don’t have wifi :/

Yes, that is your issue.

I’m sure the amazing programmers working for IF can let LIVE+ have the planes in Offline :p cost me £40 right?

You can, but you must have cellular data enabled.

How can the app know your subscription is active without checking with the server?

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even when there is no cellular network available it works?

I haven’t tried it.

XD I don’t think that will work but I will try it in a few hours when i go to work

is it weird if it works for me when i’m offline?

:/ ok yes i think so

Hi Thomas, if your game crashes in anyway, theres a bug that will delete the upload of that aircraft, since you lose all aircraft its probably a bug.

Your memory on the device may be bad, so try to stop the crashing of the app.

  • Restart the app every so often
  • Restart the Device
  • Close other apps

Also why are you switching off your internet on live!? its live and shouldn’t be turned off it could muddle the system.

If your game doesn’t crash, than its a bug and report it.

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I have the iPhone 6S. So its not that…
I have made previous purchases like the London region and those weren’t lost…
Internet wasn’t being switched off when you go underground the internet doesn’t tend to be available :p hence the issue I am back to where it thinks I don’t have a live membership. I’ll move this to the bugs section

Good idea, doesn’t sound like this could be solved

maybe by allowing me to own all the regions and planes when I pay for LIVE+… might be a solution but probably not preferable to the company (IF)

Yea I guess… I personally have a full year LIVE+ subscription this never occurs, maybe when I crash I might need to re-downlaod a aircraft or two but thats it.

I have had that too but this is separate… I think