When I control at WSSS in PG

  1. When you request taxi to a runway against the current traffic flow, expect delays, very long ones.

  2. When you’re near the holding point, only request for takeoff if you’re first in line! (And only send your request once if you know the frequency is really busy)

  3. When you’re told to change arrival runways, follow instructions.

  4. DO NOT enter the runway until you have been cleared (please be considerate to those who are landing from the other side of the runway)

  5. When told to go around, GO AROUND!

  6. When spawning in the inner wing of Terminal 1 (Apron C and D), please always push back to face north.

This is the first time I am really annoyed.
Yes, it’s Playground but at least make it a fun place by at least listening to instructions!

I’m not those typical people who just go in and control for a while. In fact, I controlled for about 2 to 3 hours! I am very familiar with this airport and nothing will go wrong if you follow my instructions and also practise what I say here in-game.

I have charts for this airport, consider studying them.


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You shouldn’t use both runways ends.

ATC could send you to an inactive runway.

Yes, but I think the point @Laurens is making is use one end only, not both ends at the same time.

PM me and let me know the next time you are controlling, would love to join

If you don’t like pg go on advanced that’s what I do I am not a professional player as such but what I did was learnt better flight skills though YouTube tutorials and in solo. It’s not that hard if you put in the effort 😉

@NatIsrael972 I use charts too! I wish more people would use charts, because I HATE it when people will (for example) when landing at runway 33 at EGBB, some people will taxi off via a disused taxiway, and IRL, this would never happen!

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You may be wondering… But actually I hardly let anyone taxi to the opposite end but you know, people are rebellious…

I send them to 02L, they readback 02L but they end up taxiing to 20R

I send them to 02C, they send back “request taxi to 20C” so if the wind permits (less than 15 knots of tailwind) then yes, I tell them to taxi there but they need to know that their flights will be severely delayed as they don’t wish to follow the flow

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Have similar issues when I control at EGLL, agree it’s very frustrating!

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I can’t yet, I’m still 13, so I can’t take my ATC test until late July (that’s when I turn 14)

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