When I activate Siri while flying it kills the ATC voice.

Hello today when I asked Siri a question while flying, it killed the ATC voice meaning I could no longer hear the ATC controllers voice. I still got all the messages but not the voice. Does anyone know if this is a known bug and if it will be fixed when Global comes out. It’s been happening for a while now. I searched and no topic came up, that’s why I created this one.

IPad Air 2
Latest infinite flight edition
Runing iOS 10.3


Disrupting active sessions of Infinite Flight can cause a number different issues, and is especially not recommended on Live.

However, i tried this on my device with iOS 11 and had no issues.

As iOS11 is in a Beta stage, i can’t guarantee it will be the same once it’s released.


It may be an idea to close all the apps, restart the device, and try with no other applications on.

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Well I was only runing IF and, all I did was ask Siri the local time in Saint Martin so I could give the anounc,ent when we landed. @schyllberg

Ok, lets hope this is fixed when IOS.11 comes out. But I’m confused because I clicked pause before I asked Siri,

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iOS have a strange way of multitasking so even if you paused it, it won’t matter.

For now, avoid playing around with SIRI and you’ll be good :)


Ok. Thankyou for your help just one other question. Why have I done this before and the ATC voice still be heard, but then the other half of the time it doesn’t work?

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No idea tbh. I just avoid trying to multitask on iOS 10 as it’s not real multitask.

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Ok thankyou, also please keep this open so people in the future that have this problem can come to this thread! Thankyou for all your help👏👏👍☺️

People can still find & read even if it’s closed. :)