When/how to transition from FPL to capture ILS?

Hey guys, just had a question for something I’m struggling a little with.

So in the picture is the STAR and approach I flew yesterday into Dubai as an example. This one is easier as an approach since it gives you the fixes right down to the runway.

But my question is, at what point of the fpl should I be ignoring the fpl and instead focusing on the localiser to establish? If I use LNAV on gps to follow the waypoints down it’s off centre to the localiser, and if I use Nav1 for LNAV then it always lines up parallel to the runway and never actually intercepts properly.


Bonus question, for the turn downwind at DB513 to GIRGO, I noticed I overshot that turn with LNAV, so any tips for overcoming that issue too? Like what speed to be going at that point etc?

Would appreciate some help, sorry for the long post, just trying to improve my skills. :)

As soon as you start intercepting final from base you should switch over. The GPS waypoints with altitudes are more of a reference, but they can be used in case you encounter a broken ILS. Though in those cases, it’s better to just file an RNAV approach.


Thanks for the reply! Helps a lot :)

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